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Load Rack Equipment

FMC Smith –

The Smith Meter electronic preset is a single arm, single meter device designed to control single product, straight loading. Unit can operate as a standalone instrument or as part of system where it controls product flow and communicates data to an automation or SCADA system. Unit is capable of storing up to 200 card numbers, driver ID’s and three fields of text data with direct interface to the Smith Meter Card Reader.

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FMC Smith – AccuLoad III 

The Smith Meter AccuLoad III is a multiple micro-processor based instrument that can be configured to fit the application. It is capable of controlling one, two, three, four, five or six loading arms either as a blending or straight product instrument. The device has the flexibility of handling multiple blending applications, straight ratio blending, side stream ratio blending and sequential blending. The Accuload III has flash memory allowing for easy firmware upgrades and large storage capability.

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OPW Engineered Systems

OPW supplies a wide range of products for the terminal and load rack industry. Products include loading systems, swivel joints. Quick disconnect and dry disconnect fittings. All are compatible with other manufacturer’s products.

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Loss Prevention – Civacon sets the standard for closed loop loading and unloading configurations that contain both fluids and vapors at all times. Low tanker loading rack or vehicle-mounted monitoring systems protect against transport overfill and provide positive ground indication. Civacon systems and equipment help stop costly and dangerous product loss and interface seamlessly with terminal automation services.

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Toptech Systems Inc.

Toptech Systems is a leading provider of terminal automation software and hardware solutions.

  • Multiload Presets
  •  UAP – Unified Automation Platform

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Liquip Drybreak Coupling

API bottom loading dry-break coupler with automatic latching. Automatic push and latch operation with dry-break coupling and safety lock. Used for loading tank trucks.

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Enardo is a world leader in the development and manufacture of vapor control equipment used anywhere liquids and gases are processed or stored:

  • Detonation and flame arrestors
  • Low pressure venting devices
  • Emergency vents
  • Gauge hatches

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