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FMC Smith Valves


Measurement Solutions offers a complete line of valves and line accessories that can be used with Smith MeterĀ® Products.

Smith 200 Series Control Valves feature hydraulically-operated, diaphragm actuated, globe valves and high performance wafer sphere valves. Flow control is accomplished by using fluid line pressure or an external pressure source to actuate the valve.

Set-Stop Valve Packages are available in electro hydraulic and digital electro hydraulic, from diaphragm globe-type to wafer-type, in sizes ranging from 2″ to 12″ and for use with mechanical or electronic preset controllers.

Smith Meter Strainers protect the metering system from dirt and other foreign materials and ensure fluid is free of air and gases for optimum metering accuracy.


  • 200 Series Control Valve
  • 210 Series Set-Stop Valve
  • 215 Set-Stop Valve
Line Accessories

  • E-Type Strainers
  • In-Line Series Strainers
  • GLS Series Strainers
  • Pipeline Strainers
  • Air Release and Purger Systems