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Liquip Coupler

API bottom loading dry-break coupler with automatic latching. Automatic push and latch operation with dry-break coupling and safety lock. Used for loading tank trucks.

API710 Drybreak Couplers The API710 automatic latching bottom loading coupler provides effortless automatic connection for a safe, and drip free product transfer from the loading rack to the tanker. One touch connect and disconnect operation makes it ideal for high volume terminals. This latest coupler in the Liquip range addresses inherent weaknesses in standard coupler designs with innovative and solid design features. API710 series couplers are a major advance on previous designs, addressing well-known issues: • Advanced latching mechanism geometry for security and minimal wear. • Cast stainless steel collar and latches for longer operating life and easy operation. • Latch spindles are now precision machined and centred, not cast integrally. • Optional handle sizes, 150mm (6”) or 200mm (7.9”) swing, incorporates a ball-end for improved ergonomics and a carry-loop to ease the handling during parking. • Easiest coupler to maintain in today’s market. Once the coupler is removed from the load arm, all seals can be replaced in less than 5 minutes. Liquip couplers include interlocks to prevent opening until coupled, and prevent uncoupling until closed, the are interchangeable with other industry standard API couplers and adaptors which comply with APIRP1004. Various seal materials available to suit a broad range of fluid applications.

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