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Honeywell Enraf


Honeywell Enraf’s Loading and Unloading portfolio manages and controls the loading and unloading of petrochemicals to meet safety, accuracy, availability and traceability norms. It helps run terminals in the most cost-effective and efficient way.


Additive Injection SystemsAdditive Injection Systems     

Honeywell Ebnraf’s additive injection systems assure the terminal operator that high quality and safety standards are being met through safe and accurate dosing of additives to fuel. The new Fusion 4 MultiPak combines Fusion4 MSC-A and Monoblock technologies into the most advanced additive controller in the market.


Blending SystemsBlending Systems           

Honeywell Enraf’s Fusion4 range of blending systems offer secure, precise blending capabilities for bio-fuel and petrochemical products. The blend controllers offer and intelligent solution that meets exacting custody transfer accuracy standards for both single and multiple stream blending applications.