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Meter Selection Tools

Meter selection can be made simple using the following list of questions. Some answers may be simple…others may be more difficult. In order to choose the proper meter for the application it is important that these issues are addressed.

1.  GreenCheckMark-XSmallWhat is the product?
2.  What are the product specifications?

a. Product temperature
b. Pressures
c. Flow rates (minimums and maximums)
d. Viscosity

3.  For what is the meter to be used?
4.  Type of pump?

a. PD
b. Centrifugal

5.  What is the material of the pump and piping?
6.  Do we need to control the start and stop of the pump?
7.  Is a preset valve needed?
8.  Largest and smallest number of digits to be preset?
9.  Do we need to compensate for temperature?
10. Do we need to compensate for pressure?
11.  Is a transmitter needed?

a. To what device are we transmitting?
b. Must it be explosion proof?
c. Type of transmitter?

12. Is allowance for high temperature required?
13. Is allowance for high viscosity required?
14. Is allowance for high volumes of air required?
15. Are there any mechanical or electrical limitations?

a. No electric.
b. No air.
c. No pump.