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Emco Wheaton Equipment



Loading Arms & Associated Products

Emco Wheaton is the leading global provider of total solutions for customers needing to transfer or store hazardous gasses and liquids in bulk. They manufacture a variety of marine, road and rail loading arms as well as a comprehensive range of accessories.
API Couplings

Emco Wheaton has recently enhanced their family of class leading API Couplers – the most comprehensive range of API couplers available in the market today. Each coupler incorporates a host of patented features, which will provide trouble free operation and will also ensure a clean, spill free loading rack. Their couplers are approved world-wide and recommended by the world’s major oil companies, operating successfully in some of the most demanding environments.

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Bottom Loading Arms

Bottom loading offers benefits which cannot be achieved with top loading designs. Bottom loading takes place on the ground, making it inherently safer for the operator. It also allows for simultaneous loading of several tank compartments, increasing speed and efficiency of loading. Bottom loading is easily adaptable to vapor recovery systems.

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Loading Arm Accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories for our road and rail loading arms, from Control Systems to Telescopic Drop Tubes.

Top Loading Arms

Emco Wheaton has been designing and manufacturing loading arms for over 50 years. Their various designs allow them to handle virtually any liquid known to man in a safe and reliable manner. Their loading arms are available in carbon steel, carbon steel / aluminum, stainless steel, low temperature carbon steel, Hastelloy and Titanium. Lining with PTFE and vulcanized rubber can also be provided.

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